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South Park Improvement Association
The project is sponsored by the South Park Improvement Association (SPIA). Convened in 1983, the SPIA has been advocating and raising funds for South Park ever since, providing volunteer time and oversight. The Association has a long and productive working relationship with Steve Cismowski, the PSA District Two Manager, and has been an active partner with the Neighborhood Parks Council, now part of the SF Parks Alliance. As a consequence of its steady stewardship, the SPIA has been successful in getting lighting installed along the park perimeter, new benches/tables and an enclosure for the tots’ play area (though that area is compromised by drainage problems).

The SPIA leveraged its involvement in community affairs, including local planning and zoning efforts, to conduct a community design charrette and follow-on design meetings. It tapped membership expertise in web surveys and social media to extend outreach. As the project scope broadened to include a full master plan, the SPIA solicited and vetted proposals from qualified local professionals. The SPIA used Association funds to pay for the Master Plan and subsequent Arborist Survey as a seed investment. In parallel, Association members lobbied effectively to have South Park added as a named park in the up-coming Parks bond.

South Park is a San Francisco Parks Alliance Parks Partner

The San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) provides fiscal sponsorship to community groups, such as SPIA, whose missions align with SFPA’s own values. As a fiscal sponsor, SFPA allows community groups to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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